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Remote Connectivity  


In today's competitive business environment, workers need the ability to access their work files and information over the internet. There are numerous technologies available that enables this kind of access. These technologies range from systems built directly into most versions of windows to countless proprietary systems.  In general these technologies fall into one of the following categories.   

1.  Accessing files remotely.
          This method allows users to access their files from a remote location using the internet.
2.  Accessing and controlling a computers desktop remotely. 
           This method brings the entire desktop of an individuals work computer to the computer
           on which they are currently working.  Remote control allows an individual to use their
           remote internet enabled computer to control their work computer just as if they where
           sitting in front of it.

Whether you require a dedicated VPN solution or remote access to your desktop or application suite,
Ndmg has the knowledge and experience to provide the appropriate secure remote connectivity solution for your companies needs.


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