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Critical Questions for Technology Decisions

  • Are you making appropriate technology investments to ensure business success?
  • Are your network resources putting out fires instead of completing projects?
  • Have you considered the return on your technology investment (ROI)?
  • Are the right resources managing your computer network?


These are just a few of the questions a company faces in preparing to commit to any investment in technology


network consulting


NDMG has answers


Why is NDMG the Best Choice…


·  Our focus… your business success

NDMG understands that organizations implement technology for one reason…to attain greater business success.   NDMG knows this and treats your investment with respect.


·  Completing the technology life cycle

The business model for many computer consulting firms ends with the installation of your hardware and software.  NDMG works with you during the entire life cycle of your investment.  We are there for the most critical stage of your investment…the point where you actually use it.


·  Network management concept

Your company is assigned a systems administrator to support your companies computer network.  This consultant is the single point of contact for your organization.  In most cases, this consultant works at your office on a set weekly schedule.  You’ll quickly see the cost effectiveness to this proactive network management approach.


·  Experience

NDMG has extensive experience with diverse computer network design, installation, implementation and management.  Our experience is not limited to the computer networking arena.  Many of our consultants have backgrounds that include in-depth experience with a variety of business operations.  NDMG prides itself on our ability to help companies find solutions to their corporate needs.


·  Are you looking for a trusted business partnership?

Years of field experience supports our belief that your greatest return on investment  comes from developing a long-term business partnership for you technology needs.


·  Our commitment to our employees

NDMG continuously invests in our computer consultants.  We provides the tools, training and mentoring to help our consultants provide you with the best possible service. 


·  Peer Review System

NDMG has an internal review system that audits our consultants’ work for quality-control purposes.  We assign a “senior-level” network engineer to review all fieldwork.  Work is reviewed and comments are created to promote excellence and to offer a check-and-balance.  All “comments” must be cleared, if necessary.  We also uses this process for mentoring and training purposes.  This is a practice commonly seen in the accounting field. 


·  Affordability

Using prepaid block time you’re able to get twice as many support hours for the same price as many consulting firms.  You’ll be amazed at the level of experience and professionalism of our IT consultants, for the rates we offer.


·  References

No one speaks for us better than our clients.